NDSU Professors & Graduate Students

Developing a High School Coaching Mentorship Program

Mentoring has become an important aspect of professional development for young coaches. Too often young coaches are left on their own to develop their coaching skills once they leave college. For first year coaches, all the duties and responsibilities that go along...

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Frequency Asked Questions About Early Sport Specialization

Youth athletes, and often their parents, are enamored with the so-called benefits of sport specialization, but sometimes fail to consider the risks involved. The idea of receiving a scholarship after high school to play sports often outweighs the negative effects that...

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The Influence of Peer Connections in Youth Sports

The need for positive outcomes from peers is greatly amplified in teams with players from different school systems:  traveling teams, summer leagues, and youth sport camps and trainings.  Peer connections are an under-utilized tool offered to every sport team.  Peer...

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An Argument for Late Specialization In Youth Sport

This paper looks to investigate youth athlete dropout rates, the reasons for youth athlete dropout, and ways to improve youth athlete retention through analysis of preexisting research. It was found that youth athlete dropout rates are alarmingly high. It was also...

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Learning from Losses